Monday, November 29, 2004

Bill Cosby should die in a fire

Bill Cosby should die in a fire
I work with "White A$$holes" as well. However, I did not graduate from college, I did not have any real world experience to qualify me for the job.
I got it because of the ability to sell myself; I spoke "The Kings English" at a job interview to work for "The Kings People" because the "King" would pay my rent and my insurance, and my power and my phone. Oh, and I work my hind-quarters off. On one hand, I agree with you that not speaking 'proper english' should not be directly equated to stupidity any more than southern accents should connotate any lack of intelligence. However, it is the current language of BUSINESS that you need to be fluent in where appropriate. Knowing only slang and speaking only slang is much like wearing only Fubu. Its not going to cut it in the business world. I'm fairly certain the CEO of FUBU has wears something other than an oversized hoody. If you want what someone else has, and they run the game, then you need to play their game, beat them at it so you can make your own rules. If you feel 'keeping it real' means knowing how to interact with only the friends you grew up with, then by all means do as you wish. However, that is your choice and not the world's fault if you are successful in the world because of it. A note of caution: If you do succeed, and I would truly be happy to see you do it, realize that you will be just as quickly labeled the 'Black A$$hole'.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Zugg Software :: View Entry - My first Blog entry!

Zugg Software :: View Entry - My first Blog entry!
Well, it's nice to see another programmer completely enamored by yet another technology to learn.
It is truly a wonderful thing to see a 'completely different' approach that looks the same as the original.
I can now go on with my life knowing I am not alone.

On the other hand, I now have to play catch up because I am blogging from here instead of add one to my site.
Technically I have an excuse for not updating my site, what with the twins comming and all. But thats for another day.

For now, I will enjoy the fruits of Zugg's labour on a trusty MUD whilst my PS2 gathers dust.