Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Marketing Failure and a New Beginning

I am beginning to wonder if there isn't a niche market for help desk inquiry optimizers. With the advent of Blogs and smart cross-refrencing newsgroups, one post can be seen by literally millions of people. However, it appears my little unsolved technical issue may have gone unanswered because it may have gone unviewed.

If that is the case, then my problem is not a technical one, but one of marketing. It is times like these that a Help Desk Inquiry Optimizer would prove most fruitful.
She would not need any technical expertise in the field of the question, but merely a pizzaz or flair for 'Marketing the question' correctly.

She would ask questions like: 'What does my Subject line say about me?'; 'How does the subject line make me feel after reading it?'; 'Do the view counts reflect the importance and need of this inquiry in relation to the global economy?'

I'm thinking of starting a company to handle this. We would be helping people help people to help people. I would advertise it here, but I don't feel good about promoting the business with the Title as it stands. I suppose I need to seek my own help. Would that be considered 'In-sourcing?'

On the other hand, there is that ever remote possibility that I am alone in the universe we call Biztalk Post Installion Mishaps. Yet that seems a bit far fetched.

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